FAB PUNK humble beginnings

Building a functional and scalable product in crypto requires far more than just shipping code. Creating network effects, utilising Metcalfe's law and nurturing a strong community are all paramount components of a successful Defi protocol.

FABRIC LP staking pools


The FAB PUNK NFT sale has massively increased our brand equity, added value to the FAB ecosystem and made it easy for us to drive PUNK holders through our sales funnel to introduce them to our other FAB offerings. This will ultimately benefit everyone in the FAB ecosystem as more FAB dApp users will mean bigger synth trading rewards for FAB PUNK & FAB token holders. This in turn will attract more attention to both the FAB token and FAB PUNKs, and will give us a constant stream of new users for the dApp, further strengthening the FAB token and FAB PUNK offering. Some would call this a customer acquisition dream!

Community member Bravos Wealth on the FAB PUNK NFT sale
28 day summary of Twitter analytics

A note on Royalties

It’s hard to ignore the recent move of powerhouse Crypto exchange FTX.US into the Solana NFT space with the launch of their NFT marketplace. Given the complex regulations centralised marketplaces have to follow, FTX.US has refused to list NFT projects that offer royalties to holders, as they may be considered securities. As a result, FAB PUNKs will not be listed on FTX.US.

Forging ahead

Triple yield is coming

Switching gears quickly, we’re beyond excited to announce the arrival of our triple yield FAB-USDC LP pool. Yes, you heard us correctly…triple yield. With the original FAB-USDC LP pool now cooling down and emissions set to finish on the 22nd, we’ll be spinning up our FAB LP pool 3.0. Our new pool will not only emit FAB to stakers but also APEX and gSAIL too. Triple yields are a first for the Solana ecosystem and we’re thrilled to be providing this value to our users. We’ll be posting an article in the next few days with more info on our triple yield pools. If you’re interested to find out more check out this tweetstorm.

FAB triple yield pool

To Q4 and beyond!

FABRIC have a jam-packed Q4 that will see the introduction of our triple yield pool, the release of FABRIC governance through on-chain voting and DAO formation, and the release of the FABRIC dApp on devnet.

FABRIC Q4 roadmap

Join The FAB Family

We can’t wait for you to join the community and become a part of the FAB Family.



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FABRIC is a decentralised synthetic asset issuance protocol built on the Solana network.