FABRIC Triple Yield Comes To An End

2 min readJan 23, 2022

After 90 glorious days emitting tokens, Solana’a first Triple Yield Pool will be coming to an end and our new FAB-USDC LP pool will be starting! But first, we would like to thank the FAB community on Discord and Twitter for their unwavering support and participation.

TLDR — The new FAB USDC LP pool will be going live on Sunday 23rd Jan

The FAB-USDC LP Triple Yield Pool emissions will be coming to an end on Sunday 23rd of January after emitting a total of 22.5 million FAB, 6000 APEX and 4,950 GSAIL to all of our LPs.

Our Triple Yield Pool, which was the first of its kind on Solana, came to be after a number of protocols that were struggling to generate liquidity reached out to us for LP Pools.

Our goal has always been to create as much value for the FAB community as possible. With this in mind, we decided against charging protocols a USD fee to set up LP pools. Instead, we asked for an allocation of the protocols native token so that we could redistribute it to FAB-USDC LP stakers. And thus, the Triple Yield Pool was born. We’ve since airdropped FAB-USDC LP stakers an additional CHEEMS token and we plan to continue distributing every dollar we get from listing new pools to the FAB community. 💙

The new FAB-USDC pool will last for 90 days, emitting a total of 27m FAB. The Pool emissions will start on Sunday 23/01/22 at 6PM UTC.

Simply unstake your LP tokens from the old FAB-USDC pool at https://stake.fsynth.io/ and stake them in the new pool. Sit back and relax whilst you earn FAB rewards! You do not need to unstake from Raydium at any point.

To learn more on how to stake, check out our docs section here!

We’re excited to keep creating value for our FAB users and would love to hear what you all think about our FAB Pools 👋

0xDeadbeef, Bodie

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