Introducing Solana’s first triple yield pool with FABRIC


Getting your token listed can be an absolute nightmare if you have low liquidity. It’s not uncommon to be told by exchanges that you need to reach out to market makers to increase liquidity first, only for the market makers to say no due to your low volume. This scenario is incredibly common within the cryptoverse. It’s not impossible to encourage the community to stake tokens and increase your projects liquidity through pure passion alone, but it can be tremendously difficult. Users are incentivised to stake through the trading fee reward mechanism but with most small-cap, low-volume protocols this reward will likely be negligible. Add in the risk of impermanent loss and what you’re left with is an uphill battle to bootstrap liquidity.

Sharing the liquidity

This got us thinking if our FAB LP Pool was so successful at bootstrapping our own liquidity, why couldn’t we help other protocols to do the same?

The first triple yield pool on Solana

The original FAB-USDC LP pool emissions came to an end on Friday 22nd of October after emitting a total of 4.6 million FAB to all of our LPs.

Join The FAB Family

We can’t wait for you to join the community and become a part of the FAB Family.



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FABRIC is a decentralised synthetic asset issuance protocol built on the Solana network.